About Me

In this log cabin of a home is where I remember.

It’s here where I pray.

And here is where I share my heart and myself with anyone who will read.FullSizeRender

IMG_7407I am the mother of Addy. A little person I want to spend every day with. And because of that she does school right here on our back porch.

I want to live the simple life, to say no to the worry and fear that so easily consumes me. And to reject the world’s call for discontentment and acquisition.

I’ve lived what feels like 5 lifetimes. I’ve traveled the world. Acted on stages across Europe. Driven limousines in Portland, Oregon. I’ve built brands, written books and spoken on stages.

I stop for all turtles on the road, and help them safely across.


I adore children and believe them to be as interesting and as valuable as adults.

I don’t like to buy new but prefer to make things out of other things. Everything can be redeemed. New isn’t best, it’s just easiest. But the imagination can give old things character and charm. IMG_9814I love google and the power it gives us to find out virtually anything that we want. And with that power I can sit for hours searching Pinterest for upcycling ideas, recipes and crafts.

I consider myself a photographer and I make movies almost every week. I love putting our everyday life to music; from dioramas, to trips downtown. I want to remember and so I create art that brings out the joy of our moments spent together.

My favorite food is ice cream. No wait, pie. I could eat a pie a day. Really. perfect-pie-crust

I am married to bestselling author, Michael DiMarco. He has taught me so much that I believe I can safely say that he has re-parented me through his generous discipleship. We live on a lake outside of Nashville with my daughter Addy, my mother Annette, our dogs Pudge and Boone, our cat Puppy, and our iguana George.


Yes, a cat named puppy.



Boone is my little furry gift from God, my anxiety deflector and constant traveling companion because of my irrational fear of planes and large groups. Admitting you have an emotional support dog because you have irrational fears…


An iguana that I never wanted (and was terrified of) yet my ultra-competitive husband and daughter won at the fair.


My mother living with us since two years into our marriage.


So welcome to our log cabin on the lake and where we strive to do life differently in the light of God’s grace.