What Different Does

I hurt just like you

in A Different Life

Why do I often feel more empathy for animals than people? When I drive down the road and see a turtle stuck in traffic I empathize. I feel for the turtle. I want only what’s best for him. I know how it feels to move too slow to get everything done that you need to get done. I know how it can seem like life is passing you by at break neck speeds. So when I see a turtle in the road I stop the car. I get out and…read more

Do You Need Me? (please say yes)

in A Different Life

I once heard a missionary tell a story of a woman who came up to him after he had given a talk about the mission field at a small country church. The old woman thanked him for his words and said she wanted to give him something very special to her. She then handed him a white Bic pen with a black cap, the kind you can buy in a 10 pack for a couple of dollars. As she held out the pen and smiled, he could see how much…read more