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Children Are Like Countries

in A Different Life

Children are like countries. Their disputes often rage over property rights and who has crossed whose borders. When they come together for a summit, aka playtime, they like to divide up into factions and plan war-games and other operations that can lead to both enjoyment and military action. When someone breaks the code of conduct and takes a toy (weapon) of the other team (coalition,) tempers flare and injustice needs to be remedied. In these instances, a small group of ambassadors is generally sent to the parents who, with a…read more

Let Them Eat Junk Food If only goodness were fast

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Tired of spending more time in the kitchen than in any other room in the house? Sick of the never ending pile of dirty dishes? Why not stop the insanity, get rid of the plates, and give them a sumptuous TV dinner? Now you can have homemade, nutritional, gourmet meals in minutes. No work before. No dishes after. But what a meal! This ad from the 1950’s made TV dinners look like a healthy alternative to homemade and people all over the country began to pull out the TV trays and get to…read more

My Little Sinner When embarrassment trumps grace

in A Different Life

My daughter is a little sinner. Don’t get me wrong, she’s very sweet, she loves deeply, she is discerning, and looks for ways to be kind to people, but there’s no way around her sinful nature. Like the rest of us humans, she isn’t perfect. So why do I take it so personally when she messes up? Why do I assume that her sin looks bad on me? It’s bad enough that my own sin is an embarrassment, why does her sin have to be an indictment on me as…read more

I Love the Law Grace just makes a mess

in A Different Life

I don’t know about you, but I love the law. I just love it! It makes sense. It puts things into order and it helps me to know what to do. When I was a kid I learned to use the law to get attention. While some girls were breaking it to feel freedom, I was busy using it to my advantage: proving my goodness, my smarts, my talents. Straight A’s, 4.0 grade average, saving myself for marriage. I obeyed the heck out of the law, and I got all the glory…read more

I Sinned at Church

in A Different Life

As I ponder telling you about the inner workings of my mind today, my stomach churns. If you could take a tour of my mind, would you be disgusted? Would the continual din of discontentment, criticism and judgment lead you to put both hands over your ears and shout out, “shut up! I can’t take anymore!”? Or would you sit beside me in my mind and co-miserate? The answer to that question scares me. As I sat in a church recently, I couldn’t stop the thoughts from entering my mind. I…read more

What was the purpose of Satan’s Fall? 

in Questions about God

The short answer: To bring Jesus glory, to purify us and to give us grace. God has a purpose for everything, even Satan himself, as we read in Proverbs 16:4, “The Lord has made everything for its purpose, even the wicked for the day of trouble.” Yet, there is a tendency within Christendom to fear Satan and to ascribe to him all kinds of evils in the world. And while he is the destroyer bent on deceiving and undoing our faith in God, he always has been and always will…read more