Why Did God Create Us?

in Questions about God

Why did God create us? The short answer is to enjoy him and glorify him forever.

In Isaiah 43:7 God says that he created us for his glory, “everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.” Glory means praise, honor, and worship, but it also means happiness. So God created us for his glory, to praise and honor him. But that might sound like an egomaniacal thing to do, demand glory and adoration for yourself. But asking us to take our eyes off of ourselves and onto him is the best thing he could ask us to do for several reasons. One is for our own joy. As it says in Psalm 16:11, “In your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore” (Psalm 16:11). So as we give God the glory we turn to his presence and there we find complete and total joy, pleasures forever, no matter what happens around us.

But that’s not all, giving God glory also provides protection. When our eyes are firmly planted on God, giving him the glory for all of our circumstances then our minds are suddenly no longer easily controlled or hurt by the things of this world. We become immune to the stuff that other people are afraid of, addicted to, or hurt by, because we aren’t obsessed with ourselves, but with our God. When you give God the glory, when you focus on him, he becomes your obsession. And when he’s your obsession you experience protection.

Not only that, but when your focus is off of yourself then you can experience true love. When you are focused on yourself you cannot love because loving has to do with caring for and thinking of others over yourself. Selfishness is the exact opposite of love, but when you do everything for the glory of God and fully love him then you can fully love others, because you are no longer being selfish.

When God asks us to glorify him he is asking us to do the one thing that is the best for us. Because when we glorify him we are fully satisfied. Think about it like this, have you ever done something really, really amazing? What do you want to do after you do something incredible? You want to tell people about it. Talking about the amazing things in your life completes their amazingness. So when God asks you to glorify him he is allowing you to more fully enjoy how amazing and glorious he is. Bringing glory to God brings you happiness because it is about you remembering, talking about and doing everything because of how beautiful and good he is.

1 Corinthians 10:31 tells us to do everything for the glory of God. That means that everything you do is meant to show others how glorious he is. Your selflessness shows them God’s glory because it shows them that he is worth giving yourself up for. He is worth making yourself nothing for. He is worth being selfless, humble and meek for. In other words, God is so valuable and so glorious that you don’t need to be satisfied in what you eat or drink, or in anything you do because you are totally satisfied in him. God created us to find complete joy, perfection, hope and love in him as we enjoy him and glorify him forever.